Tenant Placement Services

We are SERIOUS about Tenant Placement and We have the tools and stats to Prove It.


​We provide homeowners and landlords with full-service tenant placement services. We rent homes faster using online technology, cutting edge tools and software. We understand that time is of the essence in the real estate investment business. If you need help with tenant placement services in Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties, please CALL US first. 

~We provide Full Internet Exposure. We are in the leasing business. We don't just put your home on the internet and wait for someone to call. We use numerous online advertising avenues including; emailing marketing, social media, marketing to other real estate pros; tenant realtor/broker commissions, and our database of previous tenants and prospective tenants. In addition, based on the area we can provide broker bonuses, street signage and local marketing in the community where your home is located.


~ We are Available to respond to Tenants. We understand most tenants work and some work odd hours. We are available to assist them. We have someone available to respond to emails until 7 pm every night. Again we are in the leasing business. We are available when duty calls. When we are not available or assisting other tenants, our phone system is able to provide up-to-date and complete automated information thru voice recording in English, mobile web and/or text messaging. Our technology can be used with any phone...Cell or Landline/Home Phone! Tenants don't need an iPhone or Android phone to use our system!!


~We are able to assist leads faster with our 24/7 Online Scheduling which includes pre-screening questions to eliminate prospects that are not serious about renting your home in advance prior to show. This system also allows us to get rid of the Lookie Loos that don't meet application requirements. No more phone tag; Tenants are able to schedule showings online based around their schedule. Recent Survey says the following: When renters search online: 60% are searching outside of business hours, 53% of renters submit showing requests outside of business hours and 80% of Renters prefer to schedule showings online. We have the tools available for them to use to schedule appointments 24 hours a day. 


~We use Automated Military Grade Self-Showing Lockbox System that includes a step by step process to help the tenants gain access to the home. Tenants are required to provide credit card/personal information and/or a copy of a stated issued ID (based on broker/landlord preference)  in order to receive a one-time remote access code. We are also able to know exactly what date and time the tenant entered the home using our lockbox system.


~We use Online Applications to help expedite the screening process. Our system allows the tenant to apply, upload necessary documents and pay for application online; this is to eliminate driving time, locating fax a machine or waiting to receive an application in the mail. We do understand some tenants are not as computer savvy as others; we do have paper applications available upon request and we will walk any prospective tenant through our online process via phone.


~We screen Tenants Thoroughly. Our extensive screening process Includes credit report, criminal background, employment/other income source verification, verification of rental history/eviction and/or personal reference verification. We understand good rental history is important when selecting a tenant. Additional research is also completed to confirm the applicant's rental history. We submit our findings to you with a recommendation in a secure fashion for you to make the final decision. You must comply with Fair Housing Laws.


~We Prepare the lease, conduct the Lease Signing and MoveIn Inspection with photos & video. We use a detailed lease created by Attorneys for the Georgia Association of Realtors. We can also use your lease if needed; just let us know. Move-in checklist, photos, and videos are provided to Landlord after the move-inspection. We know a picture is worth a thousand words but a move-in video will help confirm the condition of the property prior to move-in; in the event, there is a dispute during move-out. Please note: Landlord and/or Landlord representative is responsible for the move-out inspection. All move-in inspection information will be provided to you at the time of move-in. Please storage in safe; We may delete photos and videos to make space on your server for new inspections.


Full Tenant Placement services also include:

  • Rental CMA
  • Placement of For Rent signs at the property and surrounding area.
  • Negotiating lease terms on your behalf, rent rate, and concessions.
  • Automated and Agent assisted showings to prospective tenants
  • Free website page ex. www.321ChimneyCt.comerentatlanta.com
  • We handle all questions and inquires 
  • 12 Month Listing if need
  • Online virtual/video tour


OUR FEE:  First Full Month’s Rent (No upfront cost; Paid at the time hold fee is paid) 


To get started:

  1. You must provide proof of ownership. (State ID/Passport and HUD1/Settlement State or Copy of your most recent mortgage statement)
  2. The home must be in Rent Ready condition. The home must be vacant and the condition of the home must meet minimum housing standards.
  3. Three copies of all keys.
  4. Provide the bank name of where the Security Deposit will be held. 
  5. Signed lease listing agreement.


We are serious about leasing.....We don't just advertise homes for lease, We RENT them!


We would love the opportunity to serve you!


​To Get Started CALL US AT 678.755.9019 ext 101


Important Information regarding security deposit: 

You will be the holder of the Security Deposit. Georgia requires funds to be held in a Georgia/Local bank. Security deposit funds can co-mingle with other funds as long as you do not own more than 10 properties. If you have more than 10 properties in your name you must hold security deposits in a trust account. 


***The Listing agreement must be signed with a 90-day minimum.  Withdrawal of listing before 90 days will result in a $300 cancellation fee. 


Please note: We comply with all Fair Housing Laws. For more info visit HUD.gov


Need Good Tenants? We’ll Find Them For You!


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