We Handle Challenging Evictions For you Have a Peace of mind that Anita I. Hale Management provides

Eviction Services

Evicting a tenant can be one of the most difficult and unpleasant parts of being a landlord, and is a major reason many people engage 3rd party property managers after the owner has tried to self manage the property unsuccessful.
Anita I. Hale provides tenant eviction services for new clients & existing property management clients for tenants who have failed to pay rent.

Rental Eviction services we offer:

  • Sending three day notice to Vacate
  • File Eviction suit with the Justice Courts
  • Attend Court Hearing
  • Seek Judgement for Possession
  • File for Writ of Possession if Required
  • Proceed with Personal Removal with a Crew(if applicable)
  • Provide Trash Out Services(if applicable)
  • Begin Turn-Key Solution(if applicable)
  • Re-Leased the home with a New Improved Tenant
  • Proceed into Management with a 1 yr Min Lease agreement( if applicable)